AsteroidOS User Wallpaper Voting

Help us to find the most fitting and appealing wallpapers for AsteroidOS from these 80 images.
Give from ten to 1 points by selecting from the 10 stars or even skip a vote.
Click on the images to cycle watchfaces to evaluate different pairings, like shown in the video below.

Every image has a triangulated version shown next to it. Only one version per image will be considered to be added to the 2.0 stock wallpaper selection, depending on which version is voted higher.
However, we expect you to vote on all the image versions and express your liking of those with appropriate star differences.
To calibrate your personal rating, it might be advised to scroll through the whole list to find your favourite, and see if there are more than one images you would like to give a full rating for instance.

All wallpapers not making it into the stock selection after the voting, will be collected in an unofficial-wallpaper repo.

Once voted, you can not change your vote for a 24h period.
IP-tracking allows for one vote from your current IP per day for each wallpaper.

You can install all wallpapers to an AsteroidOS watch to evaluate them on device using this archive: wallpapervoting.tar.gz

Have fun and thanks for helping out!

















































































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